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Mike has worked with Cypress on numerous occasions in the past and has always provided exemplary service. His professionalism and experience with our computer systems ensures that he gets the job done efficiently and in a timely manner. When it comes to the frustrations of computer problems it is a breath of fresh air to know that Mike can be there to figure things out!

Kevin Hall, PE


Cypress Civil Engineering

Mike was great for us! He was able to get straight to problems and solve them quickly when I was sure they would have taken much longer. His knowledge and expertise was a perfect complement to our in-house IT department for all our Mac needs. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone!

Monica Akyol

Sales Manager

Tucson Weekly & Inside Tucson Business

I became acquainted with Mike Howard in July of 2011.  Our office acquired several iMac computers in order to move from a PC system to a Mac system and moving us off our old mail server.  From the start Mike proved to be a very competent, knowledgeable, and hard-working professional as he facilitated our company’s transition to the new system.

When Mike first arrived, he impressed us with his knowledge of both computer systems (PC and Mac), which was very helpful, as we were able to tell him how things were set up on the PC system (and what we were used to), which he then mirrored on the Mac system; he made excellent suggestions along the way, and he set up each of our computers so that we were able to use them immediately, giving each of us a quick lesson on how the iMac works.

Mike has a very positive and encouraging approach, and he has the ability to identify and rectify problems quickly and competently.  When we call him, he always our addresses our concerns quickly—sometimes immediately because of his excellent knowledge base—and he never makes us feel that our problems are unworthy of consideration.  Mike is an honest and sincere person, and we are grateful to have someone like him to assist us when we have issues with our computer system.  I highly recommend Mike for any and all of your computer system needs!

Valerie Culbertson


Kivel Realty Investment

It is an honor and pleasure to write this letter regarding Mike Howard

I had the pleasure of working with Mike for several years and found him to be very smart, personable and great at solving problems. Mike is extremely responsive to calls, even after hours and on weekends. Mike really knew all the important and not so important details about our system, new software and always have a quick solution to any questions or problems that came up.

In addition he was very proactive, often suggesting ideas, solutions and software that might be of help instead of simply just waiting for problems to arise.

I can strongly recommend Mike for any computer work questions or problems that you may have, or simply for routine maintenance.

Sheldon H. F. Marks, MD

Director and Founder

International Center for Vasectomy Reversal

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